Sending Volume for Email Campaigns

Sending Volume for Email Campaigns

You want to send how many emails?

This is a thought that goes through my head pretty often with my clients. I’ll be honest, anytime someone wants to send an email with more than 30,000 leads on the list, this goes through my head…


 I understand that everyone wants to drive customers to their business and boost their sales — I get it, I really do. But, the concern is, can your current customer service staff or call center handle that volume?

If you send an email campaign to 100,000 customers. Let’s say it’s an amazing coupon and your response rate is out of this world, we’ll say 8%. That’s 8,000 customers.

Can you fulfill 8,000 orders this week? Do you have enough product in your inventory?

If you aren’t driving customers to buy physical products, you need to be sure that you have enough sales staff to handle the influx. Even if you are selling physical products you need to keep in mind that those customers may need customer service. They may call for questions, they may need refunds, etc.

Not every campaign will result in that kind of response rate. As long as you slowly roll out your campaigns it’s unlikely that you will experience lead volumes that you can’t handle. Just be mindful anytime that you want to change up your campaign drastically, especially if it involves sending the campaign to a large audience.

A good rule is never to double your sending volume week over week. So, if you sent out 1000 emails last week, try 1500 the next and so on.

Sending Volume for Email Campaigns
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Sending Volume for Email Campaigns
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