Flash Sales and Coupons

Flash Sales and Coupons

Flash Sales and Coupons

When sending out campaigns to your customers, been mindful of using tactics like flash sales and coupon codes. No one I know is a fan of flash sales, that’s not to say they don’t work; I’m sure they work for someone or I wouldn’t keep seeing them in my inbox. If you want your customers to make a purchase on your website, why would you restrict their purchase to a random few hours throughout the day? Your customer may be at work, or have other obligations that don’t allow them to make a purchase.

While you may have a reason for a flash sale (Limited quantity of products, that’s when your employees are in the office, etc) your customer won’t be looking at it that way. All they see is a timeframe that doesn’t work for their schedule, then your email goes to trash.

I’d recommend giving 24 hours for a sale, at the minimum.

Also, please use sales sparingly.

I recommend if you’re sending your customers coupon codes that they’re active for longer than your average┬ásale, unless it’s specifically for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

For typical coupon code usage in email campaigns, there are a couple things I suggest. If you send out your coupon and your customer hasn’t reached pay day, and that coupon expires before payday, chances are that customer isn’t going to make a purchase.

As a retailer, how do you give your customer the best opportunity to make a purchase? Have your coupon code be active for eight to fifteen days. Chances are you will hit their payday then. So, if you send your campaign on Wednesday, have your coupon be active until the following Saturday.

Worried that your customers will forget about your coupon?

Follow up email

Send a follow up/reminder email to your customers one to two days before it expires. You can simply add Reminder in front of your previous subject line. Keep your email short, and be sure to reference the expiration date of the coupon code.

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Flash Sales and Coupons
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