Father’s Day Email Roundup

Father’s Day Email Roundup


Father’s day Email Campaign Roundup 2015

I’m going to make an effort to try and cover all of the major email holidays to give an overview of the good, the bad, and the what the hell were they thinking .

The strangest thing I saw was a bra and panties company trying to promote a Father’s Day sale for men’s underwear. Nothing says awkward like buying your dad underwear for Father’s Day — I’ll stick to a tie.

I also saw some strange items ‘on sale’ for Father’s day — not limited to Vacuum cleaners, Candles, Area Rugs, etc — I will reiterate previous advice. Just because there is a holiday does not mean that you have to have a sale for the holiday. If it doesn’t make sense for your company, simply send out a coupon code, you don’t need to have a holiday sale.

#HotDadsofWholeFoods – was also promoted in several emails that I saw.  It wasn’t featured too high. I think there are better opportunities out there for twitter integration and email. Tweet at us for a coupon, we’ll choose 10 random people who tweet at us today to win a $5 gift card, etc.

Free  Shipping / Expedited shipping – I saw quite a few retailers emailing out reminders and extra incentives for free shipping up until two days prior to Father’s Day. Adding in free shipping promotions, specifically on expedited/next day shipping is a huge incentive for customers.

A really interesting campaign that I saw was for DIY gifts for Dad for Father’s Day. Considering that everyone was pushing store bought gifts, it was nice to see someone switch it up. This also allows for easy integration with Instagram and Pinterest.

Other items I saw frequently as gifts for dad: Steaks, Cookies, Liquor, Clothing, and Gadgets.

The Best Subject Lines:

  • Dad Deserves a Movie Night Out
  • I love the smell of a tie, said no Dad ever.
  • Need a treat for dad? 50% off today only
  • Celebrate Father’s Day with FREE Shipping
  • Dad’s Gifts Ship FREE

The Worst Subject Lines:

  • Extra 50% Off All Rugs Father’s Day Sale
  • Dad’s the Man!
  • Your Guide to Summer Bras! (seriously, this had a father’s day offer in it)
  • Give him what he wants

I also saw a few retailers the day of Father’s Day offering sales for the Summer Solstice. This was interesting, as I can’t recall ever seeing sales for a solstice before.

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Father's Day Email Roundup
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Father's Day Email Roundup
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