Email Lists and Sweepstakes

Email Lists and Sweepstakes

Email Marketing and Sweepstakes

I’ve had many clients bring up the idea of a sweepstakes to grow an email list. Sweepstakes are seen by many marketers to add an incentive to get a user to fill out a form or complete an action. I don’t recommend using sweepstakes to aid in your leadgen efforts, or to add users to your email list. If you need to offer your customer a free iPad to get them to fill out a form, chances are your pages aren’t compelling enough. Offer a free e-guide, not a free iPad.

But, back on the topic of using sweepstakes specifically to grow email lists.

Using sweepstakes to grow your email list is a mistake, and I’ll tell you why. While a sweepstakes with a focus on your current customer base can be great for customer interaction and reengagement, growing your list that way isn’t likely going to turn out how you expect.

In my experience, when running a sweepstakes for email marketing purposes, you end up with a list of people who don’t know they’re subscribed to your emails. Notifying them that they did or didn’t win is fine. However, adding them to your regular mailing list will likely result in high rates for unsubscribes and spam complaints.

Users that interact with your brand to win a sweepstakes are not engaged with your company, they’re likely not even interested in your products. They want to win something.

If your goal is to build your list and to have users who are engaged and interested in your brand, add a widget to your site that allows users to get a 5% to 10% off, or free shipping coupon when they sign up for your email lists.

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Email Lists and Sweepstakes
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