6 Reasons Your Email Campaigns Aren’t Working

6 Reasons Your Email Campaigns Aren’t Working


Six reasons your email campaigns aren’t working

1) You’re sending on the wrong day

Have you thought about trying to send your emails on a different day? If you’re sending emails first thing Monday morning, or Friday evening — a different day might boost your open rates.  If you’re already sending on what you would consider a peak day try switching up what time you mail. Currently send early in the morning? Try the afternoon.

The easiest way to understand the type of inbox your customers have is to subscribe widely to other email campaigns. Look at your competition, and when everyone else is hitting the inbox. Being in a customer’s inbox first thing in the morning isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you want to send early, try 10 am after they’ve likely cleared their inbox once.

2) Your subject lines are sending the wrong message

Vague subject lines are a turn off for many customers. Your email isn’t the only one hitting the inbox. There’s a lot of stiff competition in the inbox. If yours isn’t stacking up, you’re going to miss out on opens. Be as specific as possible. Lead with the sale, promotion, coupon — whatever reason it is you’re emailing.

I’d also recommend staying away from emojis or symbols in your subject lines, most users think these look spammy. Make sure to change up your subject line frequently, don’t email with the same subject line over — and over. Also, stay away from subject lines such as: Low Balance Alert, Account Alert, Fraud Detected, You’ve Been Selected, Your Response is Required, etc. These are more likely to result in spam complaints than positive user actions.

3) You aren’t reaching the inbox

Are you sure your emails are reaching the inbox? Set up test email addresses on all major MSPs. Add these email addresses to your list to test if you’re getting inbox placement or not. NEVER mark these emails as ‘not spam’ if they reach the inbox. That will alter how they appear for you in the future and may not be an accurate representation of where the email will end up.

If you are ending up in the junk box, try running your email through online spam assassin filters to see what red flags are in your emails. Should spam assassin not show errors, you’re likely in spam because of a poor reputation with spam complaints/unsubscribes.

4) Your content/promotion isn’t compelling

Your coupon code or promotion may not be compelling enough to get your customers to act. Try adding free shipping to your sale, or lower the free shipping threshold. If free shipping isn’t something you can offer, try adding a small gift with purchase (available in limited quantities).  Don’t forget to add a call to action next to your coupon/promotion.

If you’re trying to stay away from promotions in your emails, try a marketing campaign to get your users to interact with your email. Users like to feel involved in decision making for companies they enjoy. Try a campaign that allows the user to help make decisions for you, such as: Help choose our new logo, Which candle scent should we release next, What retired product should we bring back, etc.

5) Your campaign literally doesn’t work

Have you tested your campaign thoroughly? Do all the links, images, phone numbers, and coupons work? I see broken emails hit my inbox frequently.  Test your email on several MSPs, outlook, and on a mobile device before sending. If you are seeing no positive customer interaction with your emails, chances are something is broken. If you can’t narrow down the problem yourself, ask a friend or family member to walk through the campaign for you. Don’t give them any guidance, they might see a problem that you’re overlooking.

6) Your CTA isn’t prominent enough

If your CTA is hidden inside a block of text, or worse, there isn’t one at all — it’s time to change that. The call to action should be one of the most prominent parts of your email campaign. And ideally, it should be clickable.

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Six reasons your email campaigns aren't working
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Six reasons your email campaigns aren't working
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