08/03/2015 – Missed Opportunities

08/03/2015 – Missed Opportunities


Missed Opportunities – Your Subject line is a lie

I never thought the quote – “With great power comes great responsibility” would apply to email marketing. But  I find that it does. Especially with subject lines. There are a lot of opportunities with subject lines, and great subject lines can be very powerful. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than being promised something in a subject line, only to find that it was a gimmick to get you to click. Is it worth getting an open to lose a customer?

I frequently see subject lines that contain things like ‘ save up to 75% on X’. That product though, it’s not 75% off. Not even close, it’s actually 5% off. The up to, is usually something completely separate that is not at all related to the product I was interested in.

As a customer, and someone who frequently purchases from email marketing, this drives me away as a user. If a user is interested in a specific product, and you’re offering any amount off, that’s likely to get an open anyway. If you don’t think your user will notice that the product isn’t actually 75% off, you’re wrong.

Opens Aren’t Everything

What good are opens if none of those users ever convert? Planning a campaign needs to go beyond the open. An open rate doesn’t equal ROI. The focus should always be on conversion not on the open or click rate.

A good campaign leads the user through the campaign and drives them toward the end goal, the conversion. If no user ever makes it past the first step, why send the email in the first place?

Your Subject Line is Everything

The first thing your customer sees, the most important thing they see, is the subject line. I know it can be  very tempting to use any method you can to get attention to your email. But this is one of those scenarios where all attention isn’t the goal. If a user is frustrated, annoyed, or pissed off by your email — you might go in spam, they might unsubscribe, and that could tarnish their opinion of your company in the future.

 Instead of going the fantastical, the overly comedic, or the too-good-to-be-true route, be honest and upfront about what’s in your email. If you really do have a 75% off everything sale, awesome. If you’re giving away a free gift with purchase, that’s great too. If you properly leverage your subject lines, conversions will naturally follow.

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Missed Opportunities - Your Subject line is a lie
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Missed Opportunities - Your Subject line is a lie
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