07/09/2015 – Missed Opportunities

07/09/2015 – Missed Opportunities


Missed Opportunities – Email Sign Ups

There are some key things that I see very frequently missing for email list sign ups. By not optimizing your email sign up, and your flow after the sign up, you could be costing yourself customers. More importantly, you could be setting yourself up for failure with those who do sign up for your list. From the very first moment you create the sign up form, you need to have a clear idea of what path the user will take, and what your goals are.

Stop putting your users in a box

Here’s a scenario I encountered recently. I tried to sign up for emails for a restaurant. The email sign up required that I put in the zip code for my home address to choose a location. This restaurant doesn’t have a location close to my house. However, I like the restaurant so I’m willing to drive the thirty minutes to get there. The website wouldn’t allow me to see a list of locations. In the end, I had to Google the restaurant to find a zip code to enter, only then was I able to sign up for the email list.

This restaurant is really lucky I wanted to be on the list that bad. Many users would have given up if a restaurant didn’t appear when they typed in a zip code.

If you must have a user choose a location for some reason, offer them a full list, or use the Google maps API so that the user can more easily find your locations. Also, I’d highly recommend having a general email list that is not location specific.

Where’s the incentive?

Why should your users sign up for your email? What do they get out of the deal? While you might promise coupons, news, etc in the future — your customers want something now offer them an immediate incentive for signing up. Throw in a coupon for something if they sign up for your email list. Chances are, if you engage them immediately, they’ll be more likely to stick around.

Build value year round

To insure that your users stick around the entire year, and not just for that first coupon, build value for them the entire year. Coupons and deals during holidays are something that every retailer does. Send out coupons, deals, or free products for birthdays and anniversaries.

Other emails that I often wish websites offered: Reorder reminders/notifications (especially for yearly gifts), restocking notifications, sale/coupon reminders (remind me to use your coupon before it expires), birthday coupons for my child/family members, and preorder notifications (an email that notifies me that a book is now available for preorder).

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Missed Opportunities - Email Sign Ups
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Missed Opportunities - Email Sign Ups
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