06/15/2015 – Missed Opportunities

06/15/2015 – Missed Opportunities

too-many-sales-topMissed Opportunities – Less is More

Today I’m going to critique an email campaign I was forwarded by a friend. I’ve stripped out all of the retailers information, and recreated the campaign/sales exactly as they appear in the email. Click here, to see the entire image so you can see how it would look in the inbox.

Too many sales

Above the fold in this email, there are WAY too many sales. Three large sales above the fold line is overwhelming. What is the customer supposed to look at? Unfortunately as we get further down on the email the lack of focus gets worse.

This retailer did feature their navigation, and logo at the top of the email, but I’ve stripped that out of the design.

As you see the entire ‘above the fold’ area is taken up by three competing sales. 40% off, 35% off, and 50% off. One sale is in store only, one is online only, and the other sale doesn’t specify if it’s in store or online.

The in store sale mentions an end date for the sale. However, the other two sales don’t mention an end date. It’d be best to give all the sales the same run to avoid customer confusion.

To streamline this area, I’d strip away the 50% off banner. The images below the fold feature the reduced prices on the items that are featured in the banner. There’s no point in showing that twice.

If the 40% off and 35% off sales must BOTH be featured, they could take up less space overall. I’d move the reward banner to the bottom of the email since it won’t apply for all customers. And, if there’s a flag in the CRM for reward members — I’d only show the 40% off banner for those specific users. Let your checkout/sales reps in store up sell the reward program for the extra 5% off during checkout.

With all those sales out of the way, the meat of the content can move up.

Product features

Overall, for the products featured for men and women I don’t really have a problem with the way it’s laid out. However, a subjective note — I would specifically use images of models wearing the products, then note the sales on the image. That can cut down on the amount of spaces that’s dedicated to images.

Sale blocks

Once you get past the products again you’re inundated with more sales.  BOGO, 40% off Shirts, Clearance, $15 off. This area is also too sale heavy. The BOGO 50% off offer for swim suits could have easily been integrated into the product area, along with the 40% off shirts sale.

Take $15 off your purchase would make a great coupon at the bottom of the email if it extended the full width. the messaging is conflicting here as it looks like an online code, but it says in store only. If the sale is truly in store, a traditional coupon would fit the part.

The clearance section here is unnecessary since the sale button is listed below about 50 pixels below.

Overall, this email is way, way too heavy on sales. There’s no reason to feature six different sales in one email. Streamline sales, feature what’s important. When you paralyze your users with busy graphics it doesn’t matter how appealing those sales are, they might not ever see them.

Missed Opportunities - Less is More
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Missed Opportunities - Less is More
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