05/29/2015 – Missed Opportunities

05/29/2015 – Missed Opportunities


Hiding Behind Images in Email Campaigns

What’s wrong with this picture? If you ask me, everything.

This is modeled after an actual email that I received from a retailer who sells thousands of products. Their products fall in every category, and they usually have very good email content. But, at least once a month I see a very lazy campaign like this one.

Images are a powerful tool for email marketing

While images are a very powerful tool for email marketing, there are ways to use them correctly or incorrectly. If you’re emailing your customers about a specific sale, and don’t have a single reference to a product within the email — that’s a bad use of an image. Now, if you want to do a ‘secret’ sale to lure customers to click, show them a couple items, and then have a ‘hidden’ item that lures them with a high percentage off.

Users want to know what’s waiting for them on the other side of that image. That’s not to say an email needs to contain every product on sale, but show off enough to get a user to click through.

Custom is King

Don’t reuse the same images over, and over again in emails. Invest in good design and create custom images for your content. If the sale is specific, showcase the items on sale. If some items are up to 70% off, lead with that. There are millions of other companies sending emails . Not only is the goal to capture customer engagement, but to compete with every other company that is utilizing email marketing.

note: Some of the graphics used on this page were designed with elements from FreePik.com

05/29/2015 - Missed Opportunities - 05/29/2015 - Missed Opportunities
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05/29/2015 - Missed Opportunities - 05/29/2015 - Missed Opportunities
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