05/12/2015 – Missed Opportunities

05/12/2015 – Missed Opportunities


You’re trying to sell me what?

I’m on so many email lists at this point, I can’t even keep track of the ones I’ve registered for vs the ones that have purchased or rented my info. I won’t complain, it makes for some interesting emails. This week I started getting emails from a retailer that specializes in dresses, I can’t be any more specific than that.

I’ve been clicking on all emails with dresses in the subject line because I’ve been shopping for a specific dress for a while.  So, though the subject line for this retailer was not particularly appealing, they did mention dresses — and I clicked.

What I found surprised me.  This retailer was trying to get me to buy dresses via their email marketing, without a single picture of their inventory. Now, it’s not a matter of this retailer not knowing how to insert images, as there is an image with a logo at the top. I looked through every email they sent me, four emails with no images.

Using Images in Email Campaigns is Essential

Why? Users are visual creatures, they need to see what you want them to buy. They want to know your inventory, and exactly what they can find on your website. If you don’t lead with an appealing picture, why would a user click on a link hidden in a paragraph of text? This is especially true if you’re selling a physical product. Whether it’s a book, a pair of shoes, a DVD, it doesn’t matter — users want to see what they’re paying for.

Many users also don’t read their emails, they simply skim the text if the email is promotional. Using visuals to pull in your customers makes it more likely they’ll click, or at least interact with your campaign.

What’s the lesson here? If you have something to sell your customers, SHOW THEM. Show, don’t tell.

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05/12/2015 - Missed Opportunities
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05/12/2015 - Missed Opportunities
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