04/21/2015 – Missed Opportunities

04/21/2015 – Missed Opportunities

04/21/2015 – Missed Opportunities – Weekly Offers – Magazine Subscriptions

I’m on an absurd amount of email lists. Partly because I shop online way too much, and partly so that I can keep up on trends. There are a few lists I’m on that I’ve started to recognize a trend, and it’s not a good one. I’m on the list for several magazines, a couple I do subscribe to, and a few I don’t.

The magazines I do subscribe to typically send me interesting engaging content. These emails include things like, what’s in the issue, sweepstakes, and engaging social media promotions. These emails would be just as relevant if I didn’t subscribe because they serve to sell me on the magazine. If I didn’t subscribe, I’d know exactly what I was missing and might end up picking up an issue. If I did subscribe, they serve to make me feel good about my purchase, and get me excited about the magazine before it arrives.

The magazines I haven’t subscribed to, well, they send me the same tired offer every single week — sometimes twice a week. Seriously. The EXACT SAME EMAIL. Same content, same subject. “You’ve been selected by MAGAZINE NAME.” No, no I haven’t. You’re not fooling anyone. No one believes that they’re in some exclusive club-of-one that got your coupon code.

Not only is this frustrating from a user standpoint, this is bad strategy. Emails need to have direction, have a clear path, and consider the user first. Many marketers seem to forget that emails are about the customer. If you aren’t creating engaging content and enticing offers, why should a customer act on your email? They’ve got hundreds of others in their inbox.

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04/21/2015 - Missed Opportunities - Weekly Offers - Magazine Subscriptions
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