04/12/2015 – Missed Opportunities

04/12/2015 – Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities – Order Confirmation Emails

This week I made a few purchases online, and when the order confirmations started to hit my inbox, I noticed quite a few missed opportunities. Here were my thoughts of what I see that could be improved. Hopefully these will help you improve your own order confirmation emails.

Confirmation email from Cheryl’s Cookies

The Good:  Customer service information is front and center, which is important. Order information is clear and easy to find. While there is no shipping information in the email yet, it does make it clear that the shipping information will be sent to me in a separate email within 24 hours of shipping.

The Bad: I marked the purchase as a gift (birthday). The confirmation email doesn’t offer me a coupon for a purchase for myself, though there is a link to the site to purchase more items. It also doesn’t offer a reminder email to go out to have me schedule this purchase for next year. If this retailer sent me a reminder next year to re-order this, along with a coupon code, I’d order from them next year without hesitation. There are no links what-so-ever to social media for this email.

Confirmation email for Walmart purchase

I’m a big fan of Walmart’s site-to-store feature. I ordered a couple things and had them shipped to the store because I knew I didn’t want to purchase enough to reach the free shipping threshold.

The Good:  Walmart does list their return policy and customer service links, but they’re in a really small font. They’d benefit from being buttons/graphics. There are easy links to add/edit the people who are allowed to pick up the item. Walmart allows me to put in my cell number for a text message when my item is ready for pickup. Unobtrusive links to download the Walmart app for my cellphone.

The Bad: Based on my order, I would expect to see Walmart list ‘similar’ products or accessories that would be complementary to my product. There are also no links to social media for this email.

Confirmation email from 1800 Pet Meds

The Good:  The nice things about this email is it does feature other products I might like for my pet. There are also some easy links to add new pets to my account, or remove some. The guarantee, customer service information, and my tracking number are quite easy to see.

The Bad: There’s too much to this email. It includes three links to Youtube. As a user, I have no interest in being sent to Youtube from a confirmation email. I want to see my order details, your customer service information, and easy ways to repurchase in the future if I need. The email is lacking the ability to set a reminder to ‘re-order’ this medication for my pet when I should be out. If I purchase six months worth of front line, or a similar product it’d be nice to be able to set up an auto reminder from the email itself.

As a whole, my feelings on this email are that it’s trying too hard to get me to interact with the brand. Knowing that you have a social media presence is great. But, we really don’t need the links to appear twice, and there’s no reason for the social links to take up nearly half of the email.

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04/12/2015 - Missed Opportunities
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