Email marketing and email fatigue

Email marketing and email fatigue

What is email fatigue?

Email fatigue is when customers are emailed too frequently, they lose interest, and opt out (or spam you) simply because the messages are too frequent or irrelevant to them.

The problem with emailing too frequently

If you’re emailing the same customers every day, you better have a good reason to do so. Sending your customers the same messaging, or the same offers, day after day gets old. Those customers are more likely to unsubscribe than they are to convert. Every day, the same retailer sends me the exact same email, with the exact same coupons that I could save 15, 20, 30 or 40%. I’ve seen this offer so many   times now, I don’t even bother to open it.

Retailers sending out a couple reminders about a sale expiring, those emails are great. But the same emails day after day are more likely to lead you to a revenue drought.

How to fix it

Change up your offers, change up your subject lines, and more importantly, do research on your customers so that you know what they want. Are they tweeting that they wish you had free shipping?  Are they lamenting on your facebook page that you never send out coupons, or offers? Chances are if you ask your customers what they want, they will answer.

Still lost?

Sign up for email lists for your competitors, or other industry leaders and see what they’re doing.  You should be on every email list for every competitor that you can find. Look at what’s working for them, and see if you can use anything from their techniques.

If your email software has the capability, allow your customers to sign up for reminders for a specific sale, rather than inundating them with multiple emails about the same offer. Create an interface for the customer that allows them to choose to receive a reminder about the offer in a day, two days, or even the day it expires. Putting your customer in the driver’s seat, and taking their schedule into account will make them more likely to convert.

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