Email Marketing Done Right – An Example

Email Marketing Done Right – An Example

Email Marketing Done Right – An Example

I’ve always thought Redbox did a great job with email marketing. But a recent campaign takes it to a whole new level.

I can’t tell you the last time I went to a Redbox. It’s probably been six months since I rented anything. I’ve mainly been watching movies on Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon streaming. Redbox apparently noticed my absence and sent me the email below.


Simple, non-intrusive, take our survey. Admittedly, I will take pretty much any survey that’s sent to me through email, if only for research purposes. So of course, I clicked on Redbox’s survey.

What did they ask? Why haven’t I used Redbox recently? How have I been watching movies?

Good questions guys.

What’s even better than this? They actually used the data. They used this data to create a custom campaign. See below.


I’m really impressed by this campaign. It’s simple, but effective. They customized the campaign based on my responses. I’ve answered a ton of surveys in the past. I’ve never had a company utilize the data like this.

The information that Redbox got from the survey gives them powerful, actionable data. They’re finding out directly from customers what the competition is. And they can use that to learn how to better lure in customers based on that information.

Good job Redbox. Good job.

Email Marketing Done Right - An Example
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Email Marketing Done Right - An Example
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